PM Revision Request

We are unable to take revision requests at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Please note: 1) We can not process your request without the final title, pen name and tagline/short text (if applicable). 2) Some revisions may be included in the price, but most requested changes will require additional charges, and some may simply be unavailable. 3) Revisions must be reviewed and approved by our designer.

If a request is approved, we will get in touch with details about additional cost and send you a unique Revision Code which needs to be entered when you order. This unique code will link your order with the specifics of your request. Ordering without the appropriate code can create confusion and/or mistakes that will lengthen the turn-around time, can occasionally result in incorrect files (especially if you do not order proofs), and may require additional charges. In other words, do not place your order without the Revision Code.

Please read both the Optional Revisions page and the How it Works page before submitting a request.